Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The Association has been established in order to assist in the advancement of Loyola High School of Los Angeles (LHS) through the united efforts of its alumni as well as to foster the continued cordial relations of the LHS alumni community. The Association seeks to generate and maintain the active interest of all Loyola alumni in its regular business.

The Association will assist with the advancement of LHS and the fulfillment of LHS’s mission, through fundraising and public relations efforts. The Association will provide the alumni with regular opportunities to assemble and maintain valued relationships through the promotion of alumni events and religious activities. The Association will always act in accord with the values of the Catholic, Christian and Jesuit nature of LHS.

Loyola High School of Los Angeles Alumni Association Board Members

Vic Harewood ’73 President
Arturo Martinez ’87 VP Communications
Alan Kumamoto ’58 VP Class Leaders
Ty Carter ’80 VP Chapters & Societies
Jeremy Baker ’96 VP Events
Craig Martin ’79 African American Alumni Society President
Ivan Ramirez ’92 Latino Alumni Society President
Alan Kumamoto ’58 Asian Pacific Alumni Society President
John Calvert ’85 Past President (Ex-Officio)
Brendan McCracken ’84 Chair, Alumni Community Relations, Board of Regents (Ex-Officio)
Bill Slocum Acting Executive Director, Advancement (Ex-Officio)
Bill Thomason Director, Alumni Relations (Ex-Officio)


For information about the Alumni Association, contact:

Bill Thomason
Director of Alumni Relations
(213)381-5121 x.1315