Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce the start of a new chapter in the long and storied history of Loyola High School of Los Angeles.

Through a several-year-long process, we have developed a new Strategic Plan to engage, re-focus, and inspire our community to think and act strategically, and, more importantly, to lay a new foundation of broad goals and strategic objectives upon which the school will continue to grow.  

These goals are separated into four interrelated areas of identity and activity that have always defined who we are as an academic institution: 1) Learners, 2) Leaders, 3) Faith and Community, and 4) Resources. 

And now that the initial work of defining those goals has been completed, it is left up to we who are our Loyola Community of Inquiry to give form to these goals and objectives, and have them shape our work in the school in the years to come.

As we move toward 2015, when we will celebrate the 150th year of Loyola's continuous operation as an educational institution, and its heritage as the oldest academic institution in Southern California, I believe that we have never been better in our history.  We are truly operating on all cylinders, with the most talented faculty, staff and leadership in Los Angeles.  We are also bolstered by a strong network of alumni, parents, friends and supporters.

Because that network is so important to our continued strength, I am delighted to share this new plan with you, who make up that network, and are one of our most committed friends.  Please enjoy your exploration of this plan, and know that when you are reading it, you are looking at the future of Loyola.  By your continued generous support of all that we do, you help us to be the school that we were founded to be, doing the job that our parents, and our students, ask us to do.

I would like to thank all who have participated in the process of the formation of this plan, and give thanks to God for the combined wisdom of this community. Beginning with my very first remarks as president, I have always said, and, more importantly, always believed that what we can be as a school and as a community is limited only by our dreams for ourselves. Wonderful and prophetic dreams are at the core of this strategic plan, and as we bring those dreams to concrete implementation, I am confident that we will continue to grow with renewed purpose and vision into the institution that God intends for us to be and that you have so generously helped us to form.

Rev. Gregory M. Goethals, S.J. ’73

President, Loyola High School of Los Angeles